Hygiene Care

N7 Nano Cleaning Powder

Product Description

Nanolife N7 Nano Cleaning powder contains Silver 100% Nanoparticles prepared using Innovative Green Nanotechnology is suitable to de-block the drains and also sanitizes the surfaces. It protects the sanitary ware fittings from corroding as it does not contain any hard chemicals.

Apart from drain de-clogging N7 gives you two way benefits as it can be used to clean surfaces where water retaining and algae formation is high, it helps to remove algae stains easily.

Features & Details
  • Exhibits cleaning as well as anti-microbial effect due to presence of Silver- 100% Nanoparticles in “N7”
Infused with Silver 100% Nanoparticles
Areas to be used SDrains, Hard surfaces, Peripheral areas, Algae Remover