Currently the world is facing the deadliest pandemic with the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which originated from Wuhan China. Having effected over 34 Million people worldwide and having caused more than a Million deaths worldwide, the pandemic is affecting lives and livelihood throughout the world. India's COVID-19 tally has crossed 6 Million cases and already more than 1 lakh deaths have been reported, as per Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Health officials and scientists across the world are working to develop vaccines and discover effective treatments against the coronavirus. Our team of scientists and Physicians has been working on the same since January 2020


Silver is a naturally occurring metal, with a wide - spectrum anti-microbial activity. It is unique as micro-organisms do not develop resistance to silver . Rajata Bhasma an Ayurvedic prepartion has been used as an external and internal medicine since anciet times. In the Allopathic system also,Silver in a collodial form was used in treating and controlling infections.

Nanolife has standardised and prepared Rajata Bhasma in a liquid with silver 100% nano particles. This finds application in the new normal -which requires Cleaning , Sanitizing & Disinfecting. Nanolife’s rajatabhasma liquid prepared by green nanotechnology method has Antibacterial ,Antifungal & Antiviral activity

Rajata bhasma liquid was tested for human coronavirus strain 229e for reduction in viral load & stopping replication of viral count at Microchem laboratory, Texas, USA

The results clearly provide complete evidence that Rajata Bhasma liquid show 99.44 to 99.68% viral destruction efficacy as shown by various experiments at 15 -30 minutes exposure at an exposure temperature of 25.0°C, 50.1 – 50.2% RH


Nanolife has manufactured specific products that are prepared using Green Nanotechnology, which can protect people in such times of Pandemic

  • Nanolife Hand Sanitizer
  • Nanolife Hand wash
  • Nanolife Hygiene Disinfectant
  • NL Silver
  • Nanolife veggie wash
  • Nanolife Mouthwash
  • Thanga Rasa

All nanolife products are non-toxic, non-flammable, synthetic chemical free, and alcohol free are manufactured in a drug control department approved Ayurvedic GMP facility. The products also complies with BIS specifications.


Our Team of Ayurveda doctors conducted a Pilot case study on Asymptomatic & Symptomatic (Mild) COVID-19 positive patients with Adjunct treatment with medicines Vishari & Arbudari.


Mild Patients of COVID-19 between age of 18 &65 years detected to be positive by RT-PCR, Under Home Quarantine who were willing to provide informed digital consent and having an Arterial SpO2 above 94%, were given the following adjunct medicines for a duration of 10 days

  • Arbudari at a dose of 10 ML Three times a day, Before food
  • Vishari at a dose of 10 ML Three times a day, After food
    (In addition to the Standard line of Care as per ICMR guidelines )

Sample Size: First 16 patients who have completed a 2 month Follow-up were taken, the remaining Patients are still under Follow-up. Patients having Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), any systemic or life threatening disease, Severe Renal impairment and Breastfeeding, pregnancy ladies were excluded from the study.

Results indicate that there was a symptomatic improvement and 8 of 10 Patients had no Symptoms at end of 10 days. The number of patients progressing to severe stage/mortality and the number of patients developing post covid complications after 2 month follow-up was Zero.


The need of the hour in COVID-19 management is to prevent inflammatory/cytokine storm from happening as this is what causes most of the deaths in COVID Patients.


The exact reason why a cytokine storm happens is unknown and there is currently no medication it. It is very well known that Swarna Bhasma used in Ayurveda is anti- inflammatory and is a good Immuno-modulator. Our studies also prove this fact as it is seen that Swarna bhasma liquid containing Gold 100% nanoparticles act as an anti-inflammatory & immuno modulator.

Analysis on the secretion of Growth Factors and Cytokines Using Invitro Assay- THP-1 was done and the results showed that the product has dose dependent inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion at higher doses which is good for reducing inflammations. At higher concentrations, the product showed a higher anti-inflammatory property.

Nanolife’s Arbudari prepared by GREEN NANOTECHNOLOGY has Swarna bhasma liquid along with Amla (Indian gooseberry)

Dose: 10 ML Three times a day, Before food or As suggested by the Physician


Rajata Bhasma an Ayurvedic prepartion has been used as an internal medicine since ancient times in conditons like fever, cough and breathlessness as it has Rasayna properties.


In Epidemics, Ayurveda recommends “Rasayana Chikitsa” and Rajata Bhasma is one of the best Rasayana which can be used. Silver Nanoparticles are a proven Antiviral against several types of viruses including Human immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis C virus, Herpes simplex virus etc and is used widely in their treatment

Nanolife’s Vishari prepared by GREEN NANOTECHNOLOGY has Antibacterial,Antifungal &Antiviral properties as it contains Rajata Bhasma liquid along with Tulsi.

Dose: 10 ML Three times a day, After food or As suggested by the Physician

Probable Mechanism of antiviral effect of Vishari on different stages of virus replication:

  • Interaction with viral surface,
  • Interference with viral attachment,
  • Inhibition of virus penetration into the cell,
  • Interaction with viral genome,
  • Inhibition of genome replication,
  • Inhibition of protein synthesis and
  • Inhibition of assembly and release of virions.

Nanolife’s Mouthwash contains Rajata Bhasma liquid along with herbs like Lavanga Tila and Peppermint. It is alcohol-free and has anti-microbial properties and can be used 2-3 times a day

Let’s make a healthy world with nanolife !!