Hygiene Care

N6 Toilet Cleaner

Product Description

Nanolife N6 Toilet cleaner contains Silver 100% Nanoparticles prepared using Innovative Green Nanotechnology which kills the disease causing germs and pathogens in the toilet. Nanolife N6 Toilet Cleaner removes hard toilet stains and provides anti-microbial effect.

It eliminates usage of hard acids and bleaches which are hazardous for humans as well as the durability of the toilet. N6 can be used for all types of ceramic surface toilets including commodes, urinals, wash basins etc.

Features & Details
  • Effective cleaning will be achieved along with sparkling effect
  • Exhibits cleaning as well as anti-microbial effect due to presence of Silver-100% Nanoparticles in “N6”
Infused with Silver 100% Nanoparticles
Areas to be used Commode, Urinal, Ceramic Surfaces