Hygiene Care

N4 Wood Shiner

Product Description

Nanolife N4 Wood Shiner contains Silver 100% Nanoparticles prepared using Innovative Green Nanotechnology .This Formula effectively removes the dust, dirt and maintain the wood’s authenticity naturally. Nanolife N4 Wood Shiner is nonhazardous as it does not contains any chemicals or synthetic based elements, giving the wooden look a longer durability

Features & Details
  • Effectively removes the dust, dirt and also gives a traditional look to your wood
  • Exhibits cleaning as well as anti-microbial effect due to presence of Silver- 100% Nanoparticles in “N4”
  • Proven efficacy - Highly active against a wide spectrum of disease-causing infectious bacteria
  • User-friendly: Supplied with a measuring cap. No spill -No excess usage
  • Make in India Start-Up Initiative, manufactured in Chennai in a well-equipped high-class production facility at Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi Pvt Ltd with patented technology from the University of Missouri, USA.
Infused with Silver 100% Nanoparticles
Areas to be used Polished Wooden surfaces, Unpolished Wooden surfaces