Hygiene Care

N3 Glass Cleaner

Product Description

Nanolife N3 Glass Cleaner contains Silver 100% Nanoparticles prepared using Innovative Green Nanotechnology is suitable to clean glass, waterproof paint surfaces and Non-porous surfaces. With just few sprays and swipe, it gets rid of germs and leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Apart from its cleaning factor, it does not leave any streaks on the applied surface, which gives a traditional and authentic look.

Features & Details
  • Retains the authenticity of the surface after thorough cleaning with “N3 GLASS CLEANER”
  • Exhibits cleaning as well as anti-microbial effect due to presence of Silver-100% Nanoparticles in “N3”
Infused with Silver 100% Nanoparticles
Used for Glass or Mirror surfaces, Laminated furniture, Automobile wind shields, LCD/LED screens, Non-Porous Surfaces