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Oral hygiene is essential for physical well-being and proper presentation in a gathering. Buccal or mouth diseases are an indication that something is not correct in our digestive system in addition to give a social stigma of bad breath (Haliotosis).

Product Description

Good Oral Hygiene is essential for teeth health which in turn is related to the cranial nerves and the blood vessels interconnected to the major arteries. Teeth health is essential for cosmetic as well as other routine activities like maintaining facial features, speech, chewing etc. So it is essential for cosmetic and health reasons. The easiest way to ensure the oral hygiene is by using a mouthwash which can be easily carried and used anywhere.

NanOlife Mouthwash

NanOlife Mouthwash is a unique aqueous preparation containing Silver 100% Nanoparticles prepared by innovative Green Nanotechnology, under licensed proprietary technology from University of Missouri, USA.

Invariably, market available mouthwash products have alcohol (ethanol or denatured alcohol) in it while NanOlife Mouthwash is 100% natural aqueous formulation and alcohol free.

NanOlife Mouthwash when used gives a pleasant smooth, soft, and natural feel unlike the other alcoholic mouthwashes. In addition to above, NanOlife Mouthwash contains extracts of Tulsi, Turmeric, Neem & Karuvelam. These extracts are said to beneficial for oral health. Goodness of Clovebud & Peppermint is also present in NanOlife Mouthwash.

NanOlife Mouthwash destroys bacteria in the mouth, promoting healthy teeth and the overall oral hygiene. The alcohol free product helps in prevention and treatment of gum diseases, bad breath, and plaque and biofilm elimination from teeth.

Directions of Use
For regular use After brushing, 5ml to be diluted with 15 ml water and gargled.
For Plaque/ Gingivitis/ Sore throat: Direct intake of 10-15 ml undiluted, Spit out after gargling.
Note : Accidental swallowing does not cause any adverse effect.
Beneficial For
Beneficial For
  • Regular mouth-cleaning routine
  • Targets the bacteria which cause plaque and bad breath
  • Killing germs formed due to sugary foods
  • Prevent tooth decay due to intake of acid foods and drinks.
  • Contains Silver 100% Nanoparticles
  • Alcohol –free
  • Path Breaking Green Nanotechnology
  • Licensed Proprietary Technology from the University of Missouri, USA
  • 100% Natural