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About Nanolife

NanOlife launched its Specialty Medical Centre after over three decades of research toward the formulation of its products using Green Nanotechnology. NanOlife created a major milestone in medicine when it acquired patented platform Green Nanotechnologies developed by Professor Kattesh V. Katti—globally recognized as the Father of Green Nanotechnology—from the University of Missouri, USA. with exclusive Worldwide rights.

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Crucial Diseases



At Nanolife Speciality Medical Centre, Cancer is treated with regular evaluation and review of patients and using our exclusive ARBUDARI which contains Proprietary Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles...

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Formulation of AAMAHARA, the therapeutic product used to treat Arthritis here in our Speciality Medical Centre is uniquely crafted through combinations of natural products including Boswellia & Curcumin...

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Bone Health

With unique formulation and our standardised procedures and NANOCUR the supplement drink crafted through combinations of natural products including Curcumin ensures optimum bio-availability of both the therapeutic...

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Visionaries Behind NanOlife

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Mr. S Abhaya Kumar Jain

Founder & Chairman

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FAQ’S Cancer

Deciding on a treatment plan

  • Where will treatment be done?
    As NanOlife’s speciality centre offers only palliative care, the medications can be taken at the comfort of your home.
  • What are the chances that cancer will reoccur after this treatment?
    After three months of rigorous treatment, it is advised to take prophylactic treatment for another 9-10 months, further medicine to be continued or not can be decided on your health condition at the end of duration
  • How long will treatment last?
    Our Doctor/health expert after detailed consultation will be in better position to decide on the duration of medicine to be taken,
    In general, the course is divided into 2 phases
    • First phase will be for 3 months
    • Second phase will be from 3rd month onwards until desired results are obtained

Disclaimer : These FAQ’s are for general awareness of the public only and it cannot be used as a basis for raising
or settling of claim in any circumstances.

Hear It From

The People We Cured

Providing great services to patients is a challenging task in today’s scenario. But I must say that your team is really doing the best. My personal experience, a very good follow up team to see that all our enquiries are taken care of. My best wishes to your team to keep this spirit for serving the patients to the best.

Anuradha Tigadi

We are having a good experience with experts in Nano life. The co-ordination team provided all the needed information, organized appointments with the doctor & are regularly in contact with the Patient. We are based in Gujarat & I am glad that they provided their services & medicines to outstation patients on time. We look forward to continue this journey, benefit from this innovative medicine & share our experience with others.

Anonymous, Prostate Cancer, Age : 66
Vadodara, Gujarat

Hoping for the best results from your medicine. I believe in you and worth of effort and I wish you success to cure all effectively.

Anonymous, Colon Cancer, Age : 60
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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