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To alleviate pain and suffering through ingenious combinations of ancient medical knowledge and rigorously proven through green nanotechnology innovations.


To enhance longevity and quality of life of all human beings through naturally available plant-based ingredients which are fully tested through credible scientific principles using innovations and continuous discovery-driven green nanotechnology–all aimed at enhancing hygienic, healing and therapeutic power of holistic medicine.

NanOlife launched its Specialty Medical Centre after over three decades of research toward the formulation of its products using Green Nanotechnology. NanOlife created a major milestone in medicine when it acquired patented platform Green Nanotechnologies developed by Professor Kattesh V. Katti—globally recognized as the Father of Green Nanotechnology—from the University of Missouri, USA. with exclusive Worldwide rights.

NanOlife is the first company in the world to embrace the highly sophisticated scientific concept of applying Green Nanotechnology to develop Nanomedicine products within the Oncology, Ophthalmology, Antibiotics and Cosmeceuticals space. It all started through Professor Kattesh Katti’s over three decades of research in biomedical sciences. In 2005, National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health of USA invested in Professor. Katti’s Nanomedicine Research at the University of Missouri Medical School. This investment helped Professor. Katti to invent the concept of Green Nanotechnology which allows the application of disease curing phytochemicals to develop verities of gold and silver nanoparticles for use in cancer therapy, ophthalmology, antibiotics and allied medical applications.

Recognizing the tremendous futuristic value of Green Nanotechnology for Nanomedicine, Mr. Abhaya Kumar, Chairman of NanOlife, obtained exclusive license and global rights for a series of Green Nanotechnology Platform technologies invented by professor Katti from the University of Missouri. Therefore, NanOlife is the first global company, based here in Chennai, to actually implement the principles of Green Nanotechnology for medical applications. NanOlife has already developed products for treating cancer, arthritis, and antibiotics for treating deadly infections. NanOlife’s product range is extensive as it has already commercialized hygienic products to help hospitals, private/public dwellings including schools/colleges, kitchens and hospitality industry to eradicate deadly bacteria through green nanotechnology-based antibacterial and anti-fungal products.

NanOlife is bringing a paradigm shift in the way treatment of various diseases are practiced through its innovative Green Nanotechnology which has the innate power to connect medical modalities with Nanotechnology—all aimed at achieving unprecedented efficacy, embedded with speed and precision, to treat various diseases and disorders—with minimal/no systemic toxicity or discomfort to human patients. NanOlife has already developed a range of green nanotechnology and nanomedicine products for oncology applications. The drug delivery, mechanisms of action and the overall approaches of treatments in targeted disease types, for various products, have already shown phenomenal results in patients.

The next generation of antibiotics for human use are the foundations of NanOlife’s product line within the anti-infectives sector. NanOlife’spatented Green Nanotechnology forays expands to develop antibacterial products to eradicate infections in hospitals, kitchens, hotels, public dwellings and residences. NanOlife has innovated to combine the wisdom and richness of nature with its flagship Green Nanotechnology to offer the next generation of cosmetics for anti-aging, skin toning, sun protection and overall to make human life neat and beautiful without using any toxic chemicals.

Patients and healthy human population will have great confidence in adopting a vast series of NanOlife’s health, hygiene and cosmetics products because every product that translates to the market place would go through extensive evidence based research and clinical testing. NanOlife is proud to boast its internationally reputed scientists, and clinicians as they continuously innovate and discover medical strategies to solve current and future problems related to human health and hygiene. NanOlife is equipped with the ‘State-of-the-Art’ instrumentation with global reach for whatever it takes to produce the best and scientifically verifiable production. mechanistic or efficacy parameters.

NanOlifebelieves in the philosophy that continuous research, innovation and discoveries are the corner stones of serving human population effectively. Therefore, NanOlife’s pipeline of proprietary green nanotech—medical technologies being pursued at the headquarters in Chennai and also through its long-time partners at the Medical School at the University of Missouri—are endless.

NanOlife’s range of medical, hygiene and wellness products are designed for all age groups. Our products encompass helping the whole human life through prevention, treatment, curative, restoration and regeneration strategies.

NanOlife’s sole objective is to maintain longevity of life through good health and happiness within the human populationacross the world. NanOlife will seek, go and help human beings wherever the need is. Therefore, NanOlife has planned to establish its Specialty Medical and Wellness Centres throughout India (and globally) catering to the health needs of human beings regionally, nationally and internationally.

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The People We Cured

Providing great services to patients is a challenging task in today’s scenario. But I must say that your team is really doing the best. My personal experience, a very good follow up team to see that all our enquiries are taken care of. My best wishes to your team to keep this spirit for serving the patients to the best.

Anuradha Tigadi

We are having a good experience with experts in Nano life. The co-ordination team provided all the needed information, organized appointments with the doctor & are regularly in contact with the Patient. We are based in Gujarat & I am glad that they provided their services & medicines to outstation patients on time. We look forward to continue this journey, benefit from this innovative medicine & share our experience with others.

Anonymous, Prostate Cancer, Age : 66
Vadodara, Gujarat

Hoping for the best results from your medicine. I believe in you and worth of effort and I wish you success to cure all effectively.

Anonymous, Colon Cancer, Age : 60
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.